Will gargle for you, rinse, spit.
Kevin Mouthwash Services. 206-939-0132.
ABC Wiping Service
For the very best in wiping. Bonded, insured. 206-939-0132.
Industrial Baby Launderers
Our new coin-operated machines hose, soak, dry and swaddle baby. 14556 NW 34th, 206-470-8330.
Window Washing
In our lovely Victorian home. There is free coffee and Silas is an excellent conversationalist. The Taggarts, 206-727-0753.
You cannot bear to look at that mess anymore
Call! The Brunansky brothers will: bind, dry-clean, remove lint, do alterations, seal punctures, remove tattoos.
Filthy Teen Be Clean -- 206-939-0132

Normal household cleaners contain lye, ammonia and other ickies. That's bad for the Planet. Why not call Care-2-Clean? We give your house a good going-over using only all-natural soy-based cleansers. We follow that up with a second scrub-down using lye and ammonia-based cleansers, to remove dirt and germs and soy smell.
Earth-friendly and clean ... all in one!
Care-2-Clean -- 206-470-8330

Problem salivator available for help in spit-shine duties. 206-727-0753.
NATURECARE CLEANING. Rugged, bare-handed house-cleaning without implements or cleansers. 206-939-0132.
SIPHONING. Just position hose. Our quiet, well-behaved siphoners do the rest. 206-939-0132.
Our team of specialists will empty that pool pronto!
Advanced General Corpulence -- 206-470-8330

Need to really lose that document or artifact? Entrust it with one of our certified specialists. We'll send him on his way. And we guarantee it'll never be found again. 206-727-0753.
Alzheimer Streetfarers

Will repeatedly stack, then unstack, old magazines.
Kelly Obsessive-Compulsives. Kelly Obsessive-Compulsives. 206-939-0132. Kelly Obsessive-Compulsives.
Speedi-Spackle High pressure hose. Entire house spackled in two minutes. Seal and protect. -- 206-727-0753

Life is dangerous. Our specialists are ready to protect you. 4-man squad, $750 a day. Colostomy Systems. 206-939-0132.
PMS MASH & CRUSH -- 206-470-8330

SUPER-TEMPS!! Twice the filing! Twice the typing! Same low low cost! Siamese Systems -- 206-727-0753
Window-watchers. Quiet. 206-939-0132.
BLIND CLEANERS. No, it's not what you think ... our workers have great vision! And that vision helps them clean, lubricate and polish your blinds to a high shine!
House of Quads -- 206-470-8330

FILLERS. Make your party seem livelier. Your office seem busier. Theater owner? Full house every night. All your space-filling needs. PARKINSON'S HELPERS. 206-727-0753.
Haul away garbage, dump in Discovery Park. 206-939-0132.
Will haul away trash and yard waste, sort, keep sellables, return. 206-470-8330.
Have no vehicle, cannot haul. However, will happily set fire to yard waste, old appliances. 206-727-0753.
Will haul away junk, debris, then give you complimentary rolfing. Brunansky Bros. Hauling. 206-470-8330.
Plumber's gerbils. Eat through clog then die. Broadway Burrowing Pets. 206-939-0132.
Repair gutter, clean, remove winos. HH Services. 206-470-8330.
Intruder: be afraid. Be very afraid.
Keep your home protected with our 'round-the-clock alarm service. Siren sounds 24 hours. Frighten potential intruders permanently. Alarm Town. 206-727-0753.
Someone just shot your car again. Perhaps it's time for a more people-friendly car alarm.
The Triller. From Alarms Aplenty.
Gentle. Purrs like a kitten. Call for free demo tape. 206-939-0132.
Is your lawn drying up? Is it shedding, discoloring, mottling, tufting, shifting or sagging? Your lawn has an eating disorder. The solution, of course, is therapy. But lawn counseling is not yet feasible.
Cottrell Lawn and Garden Colonics. 206-470-8330.
A moment of discomfort ... a year of lush, green grass!
JIFFY HOUSE-CLEANERS. Guests coming for the week-end? In a hurry to get things tidied up? Our high-pressure water cannon cleans up the average home or apartment in less than 8 minutes! 206-727-0753.
Neighborhood need painting ... fast?
Use the company the Forestry Service fire-fighters use! Beige, teal or black.
International Aerial Bombardment, Inc. 206-939-0132

Hair stuck in jacuzzi vent?
Water level rising?
You'll be tempted to grab the scissors and snip. Eek! Don't make a bad situation worse! Nautilus Hairmaster can give you a short-n'-sassy professional underwater hair-styling in no time! NAUTILUS HAIRMASTER. 206-470-8330.
Open-casket funeral? Freezer break-down? Champion Party & Costume. 206-727-0753.
Before you put a sex organ in your body, you seal it in a sturdy condom. That makes sense. Unless that condom is itself disease-ridden.
811 Marginal Way -- 206-727-0753
Painless ten-minute procedure
Your beloved pet preserved forever as a rugged gravy boat. Biosealant Services. 206-939-0132.
Paid stooges of the Plastics Industry have been pelting fur-wearing society ladies with rocks dipped in stage blood. Why? To get them to wear plastic fur. But have you ever considered laminating your fur stole or wrap? Rock-chucking dolts take one look, leave you alone. No more pelting, stains.
The knowledge that it is fur ...
the look-feel of plastic!

Tomlinson's Hair & Skin Veneer. 206-470-8330.
We will quickly remove foreign objects from your body, wrap in disease-resistant latex seal, replace.
Northwest Surgical Laminators
509 Olive Way. 206-727-0753.

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