Band News and Notes

All this week, music-lovers will be treated to the sounds of a number of bands at Lollapalooza, held this year at the Marymoor Park fairgrounds. A band will perform at the west playfield at noon each day, followed by different bands every two hours until midnight. Any bands left over will be made available to music-lovers in the main parking lot on a first-come first-serve basis. ... A band performed at the King/Mercer wedding April 7. Early reports are that they played well. ... People with extra, unneeded or unwanted bands, in good condition, can donate them to Veterans Charities of King County. Gift is tax-deductible. ... The leaving of bands at the Goodwill drop-off box after hours will be treated, according to Goodwill, as illegal dumping, and can result in State and County penalties totaling up to $80, depending on volume. ... The Ravenna Rec Center can't find their band. They need it for their Kubota Gardens fund-raiser next week. Reward. ... City Comptroller Casey Wohlers dropped us an email yesterday. Seems he affixed his band with a GPS tracking device but forgot to turn it on. Now he's out a band plus the tracking device. Word to the wise, people: turn on your tracking device. ... The Georgetown Brown Bear is now open until 2 am for all walk-through band washes. ... Subway Restaurants is teaming up with Taco Time to present Band-Free Daze during the weeks of August 9 thru 23. No bands at participating stores. Call individual stores for exact times. ... North Queen Anne Care Center is holding its Spring Carnival and Silent Auction all day April 11 to raise money for troubled bands. There'll be games, prizes, a Dino Astro jump, and a clown will entertain. ... For the third straight year, nobody showed up for the Greater Puget Sound Battle of the Bands. Organizers say they forgot to tell anyone about it again. Event sponsor Fred Meyer is considering severing ties with the annual contest. ... A faxed advisory from the County Planning Office recommends that you have tarps, duct tape and polyethylene sealant readily on hand this summer in order to provide protection against seasonal band damage. ... Angry Capitol Hill residents are wondering why the city hasn't sent someone up to remove the band that's been floating in Cal Anderson Reservoir for the last three weeks. "That's our drinking water," exclaimed one concerned resident. But a Seattle Parks Dept. spokesman insists that, because the water is filtered before it makes its way into homes, the band may be an eyesore but "it's not a health hazard at this time." ... April 8, police respond to several reports of a possible band in the alley in the 800 block south of W. Galer St. Turned out to be raccoons.

For the week of April 10 through 17, the following listing of bands and show times would be typical:

Cud, Pock, Dill, Tweeze, April 10, Dank, Tic, Tarp, Sheesh, 8 pm, Coddle, Wheedle, Porker, The Thong, April 10, Canker, Cuddle, Duct Tape, Ding-Dong, 8 pm, Prune, Droop, Fluke, Irk, April 10, Wheeze, Nit, Snooze, Clerk, 8 pm, The Cud, The Pock, Pork Link, My Itch, April 10, Dull Date, Old Sock, Plodder, The Retch, 8 pm, Cork, Drool, Cheese, Dills, April 10, Sop, Goop, Polyethylene Seals, 8 pm (continued next week).

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